Five Reasons why Steam is Great for Cleaning Conveyor Belts

Steam cleaning is a unique and powerful cleaning proposition; providing environmentally friendly and cost efficient results. 

One particular that we have seen substantial demand growing over the past few years has been the rise in demand for a system capable of cleaning conveyor belts. While these belts and machinery have been a mainstay of manufacturing and food process facilities for years, as automation becomes more ubiquitous across a range of industries, the need for a universal solution to this cleaning area has grown.

Our unique conveyor belt cleaning system is brand new to the market for 2020 and is already attracting plaudits across a range of sectors.

But what makes steam ideal for cleaning conveyor belts?

There are a number of reasons that steam is the perfect tool for conveyor belts. These reasons include:

  • By cleaning from a fixed point and just running either flat or slotted belts underneath, cleaning can be done quickly and easily in the time it takes the belt to complete one rotation. This is substantially faster than traditional methods – including cleaning the belts by hand.
  • Steam completely removes bacteria and germs from the belts instantly. Of particular importance in the food and drink sector, our system completely removes germs and bacteria from belts – reducing the risk of cross contamination or bacteria being released into the food chain and even increasing the shelf life of the produce carried on the belt.
  • The system manages to remove these contaminants using just steam – with no need for hazardous chemicals. Not only does this reduce costs and prevent hazardous fumes into the atmosphere but also means that the system can be deployed during actual production runs.
  • By removing these chemicals from the equation and by removing built up organic matter and carbonised waste products from the belts, the system can help to reduce breakdowns and ultimately extend the lifespan of the machinery as well.
  • The system can even be fully integrated with existing control systems onsite to allow for fully automated control and monitoring in accordance with existing plant patterns and protocols.

As you can see – there are many reasons why steam is the perfect way to get conveyor belts back to their best – to talk to us about yet more reasons – be sure to book a demo with us on your premises today!