We are pleased to announce details of a new partnership with PMD Business Finance that will enable us to offer flexible credit on Tecnovap purchases to our customers. 

At Tecnovap, we understand that large purchases like a new steam cleaning system might be important to  business, it doesn’t make it any easier from a cash flow point of view.

With that in mind our new partnership with PMD enable us to offer flexible credit terms up to 5 years to allow customers to take delivery of their new Tecnovap machine, with the peace of mind that comes with a fixed schedule of low monthly payments.

These new financing options are available on all machines through the Tecnovap line including our new Conveyor belt cleaning system, so there has never been a better or easier time to look into this fantastic investment.

All credit terms are of course subject to agreement and will vary between customers, so please be sure to contact our team today to discuss your requirements with us in detail.