Our brand new Conveyor Belt cleaning system is a revolution in Steam cleaning - offering a fast and efficient way to clean and sanitise conveyor belts - even working in the heaviest duty environments!

The unit works by affixing across the entire length of the belt being cleaned. The belt then simply passes underneath the jet of steam; cleaning and removing any dirt, bacteria and other contaminants quickly, cost efficiently and using nothing more than the power of steam - completely removing the need for cleaning these areas with chemicals that can be as harmful to the machine as the operator cleaning it.

As you will see from the video here - this makes cleaning these large scale conveyor belt systems a much faster and easier process. 

This revolutionary new cleaning technology offers a number of unique benefits and USPs to users:

  • Deep cleaning of automated conveyor belt system in a simple, compact cleaning package.
  • Available as either a manual blade cleaning system or a semi / fully automatic machine that moves across belt to clean
  • Can be programmed and integrated with facilities existing IT infrastructure to allow for fully automated and scheduled cleans.
  • Cleans and disinfects without use of abrasive chemicals which can pose a risk to both the health of employees but also the long term health of the belts themselves which can also corrode over time.
  • Fast removal of water as the system cleans to ensure that excess water does not build up on the belt
  • Simple, fast cleaning minimises operational downtime - crucial when cleaning in fast paced production facilities