The Tecnovap company was originally founded in 1985 in Negrar, near Verona Italy, with a mission to produce boilers suitable for use in domestic irons with cutting-edge technologies. In the thirty years that have passed since, the company has expanded and developed to become the leading name in steam cleaning wordwide...

Today  Tecnovap exports its products all over the world - with an especially strong presence in Europe, Scandinavia and South America, offering an innovative range of products designed, designed and manufactured exclusively in Italy as well as collaborating with multinational companies for the realization of important projects such as our conveyor belt cleaning system and the new high level steam cleaning system.

The success also acquired in this field confirms the further professional competence of the company always oriented towards research of advanced technologies and solutions to be proposed to the cleaning sector.

These thirty years of activity and success have allowed Tecnovap to present itself today as one of the most important and innovative companies in the world of cleaning steam; our products are available all over the world - from Europe and Scandinavia, to Asia and South America - and in use at some of the biggest companies in the world - all of whom rely on Tecnovap to instill the very highest standards in cleanliness and hygiene.

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