New Conveyor Belt Cleaning System Released

Tecnovap UK are excited to announce the launch of a brand new system to the market that is quickly gathering rave reviews from across the Food & Drink sector; our new conveyor belt cleaning system!

Anyone know works within, or has seen a large scale modern manufacturing facilities – especially within the Food & Drink or Logistics sectors – probably knows – the lifeblood of these facilities are often the network of conveyor belts that that run throughout them…

These automated lines have prolfereated in the wake of advancements in automation and AI. The problem however with them being so crucial to the manufacture process, is that stopping them to clean them can be a long process with large operational impacts.

Our new conveyor belt system however works by attaching to the conveyor belt itself and quickly and easily cleaning the belts as they pass underneath the steam jets. You can see this system in action in the short video below:

This new system allows for simple and efficient cleaning of these belts in a fraction of the time of traditional cleaning methods. All while maintaining the absolute highest standards of cleanliness that you can expect from Steam cleaning products. Better yet, the system is completely flexible and can be attached and used on any width of conveyor belt as well!

As you can see – this is another revolution that is set to sweep the cleaning and facilities management world – all powered by the possibility of Steam. Be sure to book a demo on your premises as soon as you can and see this amazing innovation in cleaning for yourself!

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