Tecnovap at Food Safety Europe 2020

With our track record of improving cleanliness as well as the ability to produce results fast – Tecnovap and our range of steam cleaning systems have long been a favourite of Food & Drink companies all over the world.

Food production facilities – from bakeries to breweries and meat processing facilities all have a number of fairly common issues that our innovative range of steam cleaning technologies can help to alleviate.
With this in mind we are proud to announce that the team from Tecnovap UK will be appearing at the upcoming Food Safety Europe event taking place in London on February 12th. The event – organised by the team at BRCGS – brings together a number of key partners from the Food & Drink sector – from manufacturers to innovation champions – for a one day event showcasing the very best solutions and practises for raising cleanliness standards worldwide.
Be sure to visit us at the event if you are attending; we will be showcasing a number of our innovative steam products – from our high level cleaning steam cleaning solution, to our world first conveyor belt cleaning system; offering a number of key advantages to anyone working in an automated production facility.
In the meantime – be sure to connect with us on social media (Find us on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin at “Tecnovap UK”) to get live updates during the event on Feb 12th!

Steam Cleaning for Food & Drink Sectors

In the specific case of the food industry, the safety of the consumer product assumes absolute importance. The care of this fundamental requirement, which gives strategic importance to the hygienic-sanitary aspects in the company, is achievable thanks to scientific knowledge and technological applications that only an “industrial” logic could develop.

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